smartupbox goes Android 4

smartuptv now with Android 4!

From today on, you can download the new Android 4 update for your smartupbox.
With the new operationg system, the smartupbox will work faster und we have a bunch of new apps.

New Features

With the Skype App, your guests can call their family and friends from their room and enjoy video chat on the tv (additional camera necessary)

Access Points:
We now offer 2 kinds of access points. First our bridged smartup access point and second, an encrypted access point.

Touchdisplay support:
With Android 4 your guests can use a touchscreen to control the smartupbox. Enjoy the tablet feeling on your tv.

PDF support:
It is now possible to download and open .pdf Files. Your restaurant menu or internet search results, all can be downloaded onto the smartupbox and will be deleted when all personal data is deleted.

User interface:
The new designed user interface offers your guests all features with one look. The RSS feed interfce has been redesigned and offers now an easier look on your feed. The development of Android 4.X apps made it possible that apps are using less internet traffic and therefore less bandwith.

Internet Browser:
The new tv optimized browser shows websites better and faster than before and uses the display size of your tv better than ever.

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