New features for mysmartup

Improved presentation possibilites

Provide your content in up to 6 languages with improved flexibility
Are two languages not sufficient to present your content to your international guests?
You can now configure up to 6 languages in step 3 in mysmartup configurator.

It is now not only possible to configure 6 languages for your apps but also possible
to vary the content type within one app. Prepare your own pages for your main languages
and use external URLs or PDFs for the remaining.

Does the background bar of categories and apps cover your precious background? Remove it!
There is a new option located at step 3 in mysmartup to remove the background bars.
This will make as much as possible of your background visible.

Try the new templates for HotelInformationApps with own content!
The new templates are designed to be even easier to use.
Place up to 5 pictures in screen size organized in a tabbed view. By clicking a
tab headline the underlying picture is stretched to full size. This way you can
provide a lot of information without the need to scroll anything.

Did you know? Your personal messages will reach the guest even more reliable with serial control
By retrofitting your box with a serial cable the guest can also be reached when the TV is in standby or when the guest is currently watching regular television. On receiving a personal message the TV will be turned on and/or switched to the box on HDMI1. If either the message remains unnoticed by the guest within the configured duration or the message is deleted from the mysmartup portal the TV will also be turned off again.
This solution is compatible with hotel TV sets by LG, Samsung and Philips. Please contact your reseller for further information.

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