The all new and free Inroom Ordering App


We have launched the much anticipated SmartUpTV Inroom Ordering App, which can be placed within a SmartUpTV a folder or as a main Home Screen button. The app can be setup in Step 2 of the Configurator, where currency settings, categories, product items or services can be added with an accompanying image, title, description and price. It's easy to display a complete Room Service Menu in a clear, simple layout and to select featured items that will be displayed on the app's start screen.

When a selection is made in the SmartUpTV interface and an order confirmed, an email including the order details and the room number is send to a single email address or to a distribution group, after which it's easy to respond to the guest just by replying to the order email.

With the standard Inroom Ordering App, billing is done manually, however an optional PMS interface is also available. The SmartUpTV Inroom Ordering App offers real revenue generating opportunities and it's FREE.

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