New features for mysmartup

with the smartuptbox you have plenty options to individually inform the guest.
- show informations about your hotel  or menu cards and schedules for bus and plane as offline web page or PDF with hotel info apps
- individual messages can be send with "Pers. messages" from mysmartup
- all guests are reached with ticker messages found at "Messages" from mysmartup
- with our PMS server the personal messages from a PMS can directly forwarded to your guests

We now have an additional, customizable feature prepared for you! We call it "advertising".
Just like the ticker messages or the RSS feed there is always one advert from a pool of currently valid adverts shown.
The facts listed for you:
- up to 11 adverts can be configured
- for each advert a validity time can be configured separately (for instance: breakfast offer of the the day only from 9-13 o'clock)
- an individual configurable display interval for each advert determines how fast adverts are switched in case more than one advert is valid at the same time
- for each advert one picture can be uploaded
- for each advert and each language a description text as well as a URL that will be opened on click on that advert can be entered

Advertising replaces the logo of your startscreen. You don't want to miss your logo? Use the option to center your logo at step 3 in mysmartup.

You can find the new menu entry "Advertising" next to "Messages" and "Pers. Messages". Please log in into your mysmartup account.

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