Additions to mysmartup

Grant restricted access to additional users within your mysmartup account
It is now possible to create and delete new users with restricted access for your account by visiting the "My profile" area.
The new sub-account users are able to see the status of your smartupboxes and may configure and send global and personal messages.
A sub-account user cannot alter the apps or the interface design for the smartupboxes, so you can prevent any unauthorised or unintended changes by inexperienced personal.

Automatically show guest instructions for the remote control
In step 3 of the configurator you will find a new option marked "Display help?". If you check the box the smartupbox will display instructions in front of the home screen that helps to explain the various functions of the remote control.
The help will be shown when the personal data of the box is either automatically or manually cleared.

Make use of the special Hotel-Information-Apps
Have you noticed the Icons with a border? These apps provide special functionality.

- DigitalSignage
This app will always be shown as soon as the box is started. It is displayed in fullscreen by hiding the bottom status bar.
The user may only leave the app by pressing the menu button and then selecting "Exit".

- Fullscreen
This app is displayed in fullscreen by hiding the bottom status bar. Otherwise it's the same as the other Hotel-Information-Apps.

- Instructions
Like the new guide for the remote control this app will be started on automatic or manual clearing of the personal data of the box. That way you can show a video, PDF, website or embedded page of your choice after the smartupbox resets.
It is also shown in fullscreen.

There are new apps in the configurator
From time to time new apps will be added to the mysmartup portal...waiting to be discovery by you. Recently added apps include Instagram, CNBC and LinkedIn.
Is there an app your guests would like to use? Are their any functions missing in one of our apps you know from your tablet?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to test and optimize apps for the smartuptv platform.

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