mysmartup. Your personal app configurator.

Yet unsurpassed are the multiple selection and design options in the free mysmartup portal: select from given apps or create your own hotel information apps. They allow you to configure a unique welcome page for your corporate design, hotel information, menus, etc. Create advertisements for regional theatres, museums and leisure services. Benefit from this convenient way to refinance!

Internet content management

You can control and manage internet content comfortably on any internet-enabled workstation via your browser. Send messages to all hotel rooms at the same time ("Live football today: final game on big screen in the lounge"), or to individual guests ("Your taxi will be available at 13:00").

Monitor boxes via the internet

Central monitoring of smartupboxes and TVs is also handled by mysmartup Communication with the respective smartupbox is channelled via the internet. The condition or status of a particular box may be checked via the internet at any time. 

Try it out!

Registration for mysmartup is free. Fill out the displayed registration form. You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. After a successful login using your credentials, you will be able to manage your smartupboxes.