The Smart TV solution for your hotel!

Transform your hotel TVs into affordable modern Smart TVs with smartuptv! The complete solution including smartupbox, gyro hotel remote and mysmartup-Portal offers a unique service advantage: your guests may take full advantage of the internet in their hotel rooms. They’ll have access to media libraries like, BBC iplayer or hotel information in any language.

Smart TV in your hotel room

Allow your guests to take full advantage of the internet in their hotel room: they’ll have access to interesting apps and can select from a huge range of services, hotel specific informations and entertainment channels. Chatting, surfing, shopping – everything comfortably over their hotel room TV! Hotel guests can use public internet services like journey planners, events, television guides, news magazines, maps, navigation or weather services. Unlimited entertainment is guaranteed by interactive games and multimedia functions in the hotel's network next to video and music collections.

Personalised content

As a hotelier, you can present your own personalised content or inform about special hotel offers. The records are centrally managed and controlled from one convenient location over your web browser. Send messages to individual guests or to all of them at once. It is up to you whether you provide this service for free or for a fee.

Addtional revenue opportunities

As a matter of fact smartuptv is an upgrade for your services. It opens up entirely new revenue opportunities that allow you to refinance the investment costs and generate more profits. You can charge your guests to access it or make it available for free. You can implement it the same way you’ve handled internet access for your guests before. Consider integrating with partner companies: present their website on your Smart TVs for a fee.